A scent is worth a thousand words.

Wednesday, 31 July, 2013

The hottest in Experiential Marketing is the language of scents: direct, simple and powerful. Suitable to all audiences, there is no need for words. A good scent attracts, pleases and captivates.

Who does not go crazy about the scent of a chocolate pie? Who can resist the smell of natural fresh strawberries? Who does not feel good when smelling clean linen? And who is not seduced by the odour of cinnamon? There is no doubt that Scents Do Sell.

The language of scents is direct, simple and powerful. It is suitable for all publics: There is no need for words. A good scent attracts, pleases and captivates. Some scents bring nice memories, we like them and we wish to smell them again and again.

Scent Marketing is the latest in Experiential Marketing. The sensorial product experience is communicated to consumers by means of the sense of smell. It remarkably improves purchase experience and it anticipates the product benefit, explaining it clearly and without words.

A brief scent description reinforces the message. A word, sentence, image, colour or icon suggest what the smell evokes and favours going into action.

Most people love smelling and they are curious about the world of scents. For most of them it is a new territory, full of pleasures to discover and share. 

However, products that promise interesting sensations are ‘black boxes’, with enclosed scents. They can only be discovered after purchasing them and bringing them home. In other cases the product can be smelled (by opening it) but the grace of the scent is not highlighted. The opportunity to improve purchase experience, share variety and quality of the product scent range is lost. This way the product becomes a commodity, where the added value of the scent, which is often what consumers are more interested about, remains hidden, unrealized. Perhaps this is the reason why only few consumers venture to try new sensations, since they do not understand the message, they fear the unknown or disappointment.

Scent Marketing allows effective message communication to consumers only with high quality scents.  And talking about ‘quality’, in scents, requires clarification: a high quality scent is not only the one that contains good quality ingredients, but it spreads precisely where and when required, and transmits efficiently the message that is intended to be communicated.

If the right olfactory message is transmitted suitably, opportunely and efficiently, scent is a pleasure for consumers and a powerful communication tool. Therefore, properly diffused Scents at the Point of Sales bring a significant competitive advantage.


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