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Friday, 30 August, 2013

There are several types of systems to diffuse scents for Scent Marketing purposes. They can be suitable for big of small spaces, to be placed close or far from people, to provide higher or lower intensity and duration. They can be noisy or silent, and they can also be more or less ecological. Some of them can be more or less convenient, and even risky. There are cheaper and expensive systems. Choosing a diffusion system for Scent Marketing requires a careful study of the advantages and drawbacks of the different available systems.   

This article discusses the main diffusion systems used in Scent Marketing, considering their working principle, costs and practical applicability.


Manually Applied Sprays: Corporate Scent can be applied to the desired point, in the right moment, and with higher or lower amount. It requires a person to activate it. For example, it is suitable to bring a corporate scent touch after cleaning the hotel rooms. They are relatively cheap and can be fully used.


Passive Solid Diffuser: It can be a gel, cellulose or another porous substratum impregnated with a fragrance. They can bring a long lasting scent to a small space, such as a car. They can also be placed in the air treatment systems of the big buildings. It can deliver a relatively strong corporate scent. Depending on its technical characteristics, the smell can be more or less constant. This type of diffuser is more or less expensive depending on duration and intensity.


Passive Liquid Diffuser: For example, a Reed Diffuser (crystal bottle with liquid perfume and vegetable reeds to diffuse the fragrance). Often with an elegant and natural look, they have the risk of spillage. So they are only suitable in places where people cannot touch them. Their prices can be significantly different depending on product design and perfume quality. Therefore, being able to choose the best quality perfumes is a must.


Solid Diffuser with Fan: It can be a gel impregnated with perfume that diffuses aroma by means of the air movement generated by the fan. Depending on the type of formula and performance it can be an ecological product, since it provides a great olfactory performance and it requires a relatively small amount of energy. It can work with batteries or with electricity. Prices can vary depending on its size and duration. These products are quite inexpensive when compared with other scent diffusion systems that provide similar scent performance.


Liquid Diffuser with Fan: It is a container with a perfume, with a system to transport the liquid to outside of the container, were it is diffused by the air movement generated by the fan. Its main inconvenience is the risk of spillage, so they should be placed out of the reach of people. It can work with batteries or electricity. These diffusers can have higher or lower prices depending on their size and design.


Electrical Liquid diffuser with heater: They are devices relatively expensive, with more or less elegant designs. The liquid perfume is heated by means of the electrical energy and it diffuses the scent in a constant way. Depending on the type of aroma they can lose the chemical balance along time due to heat and the scent can change and loose the fresh top notes, or even the smell can disappear. This type of diffuser often has high costs, since it is an expensive technology. Some of them also offer a special design, since they are often placed on display and in contact with people.


Electrical Liquid diffuser with vacuum pump: They are based on the ‘Venturi effect’: an air flow inside a tube with a pore that picks up the liquid perfume and diffuses it to the air through small drops. They can be connected to the air treatment systems of big buildings. They have the advantage of providing a very constant scent. However, they are noisy, they can stain and even spoil surfaces close to the diffuser. It is important to make sure that people will not be in contact with the droplets they deliver. They have a relatively high electrical consumption, so they are not very ecological. Prices depend on their size and are rather inexpensive because they do not need a special design, since they cannot be placed next to people.


Liquid Piezoelectrical Diffuser: It has a special system, with high technology, that diffuses small liquid droplets to the air. Advantages are similar to previous one (vacuum pump), and it is less noisy. Electrical consumption is very small, so it is more ecological. It also requires ensuring that people do not have any contact with the droplets it delivers. It can work with batteries or electricity. These diffusers are relatively expensive and care should be taken regarding the duration of the performance guarantee of the device, since they can be broken down after a while.


Other. Different diffusion systems applied to Scent Marketing can be found. In each case care should be taken not only about costs and practical aspects, but about all their technical characteristics. For example, incense is not desirable due to its potential toxicity. 

Since Marketers are not necessarily experts on Applied Scent Marketing, it is advisable that they search for assessment from qualified professionals before investing in Scent Marketing Systems. In general systems with good cost-quality relation, convenience, ecological, safe, durable and easy to integrate to the place should be chosen.


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