From Flavours to Fragrances: The Chupa Chups Case

Thursday, 13 November, 2014

From Flavours to Fragrances: The Chupa Chups Case

Each Chupa Chups Flavour inspired a fresh and sophisticated Fine Fragrance, very feminine and different.

Open-Senses designed the Feminine Fine Fragrance collection for Chupa Chups Licensing. The main challenge was a conceptual one: how to move from flavours to fragrances?


The first step of a Fragrance Design process is a deep analysis of the ‘Brand Soul’. Among many other unique elements, the Chupa Chups brand is essentially Fruity. Since the main objective of the process is to enhance the Brand personality, the fruity character is a must for Chupa Chups Fragrances.


So how the connection between the well-known gorgeous fruity flavours of Chupa chups can be linked to a fragrance collection? The key for the project success was the involvement of the R&D department of Chupa Chups: first in the Fragrance Conceptualisation and later on in the execution, selection and fine-tuning of the best proposals.


Actually, most Fragrance producers are also Flavour producers. And ‘fruitines’ is a growing trend in the Global Fine Fragrance market. For example, ‘Be delicious’ by DKNY is a sophisticated Fruity-Floral creation inspired by a gorgeous green apple. And J’Adore, by Christian Dior is a Floral-Fruity composition with a sweet peach note.


Thus, the ‘challenge’ turned to be a great opportunity for creativity: the Chupa Chups portfolio is a fantastic source of inspiration, with great flavours such as Cola, Strawberry, Apple, Orange, Cherry or Watermelon. Each flavour inspired a fresh and sophisticated Fine Fragrance suitable for a feminine young target. Additionally, the fragrance experience is emotionally enriched by consumer’s memories with lollipops in many occasions since childhood.


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