Scent Marketing: How does your brand smell like?

Wednesday, 31 October, 2012

Scent Marketing: How does your brand smell like?

Brand Odotype is a Must.

What is the odotype of your brand? Do you have difficulty to answer this question? Are you taking advantage of the powerful sense of smell of your clients? Have you tried to activate it?

Scent marketing can be an essential element for any Branding strategy that puts special emphasis in the subconscious part of the brain. All brands should have, on top of their logotype, a specific odotype that evokes the Values to be highlighted. For example, ‘dynamism’, ‘cosiness’, ‘extravagance’, ‘chic’, etc...

The same way that people use a special fragrance to communicate their style, a good Brand odotype contributes to Communication and reinforces the emotional link with Costumers. The emotional mechanism involved is actually the same that when the smell of a beloved person evokes nice memories.

Marcel Proust immortalized the relationship between sensory stimulation and memory. He described a flow of memories evoked by the flavor of a muffin dipped in tea. It is the so-called ‘Proust effect’. Olfactory memories are stored in the limbic system of the brain, together with emotions, and they stimulate very vivid memories. These memories can last for the whole life long. Brands can take advantage of this mechanism in order to help anchoring the memories associated to familiar brands, differentiating them from the less familiar ones.

Open-Senses found that several shops specialised in children clothes are using ‘baby scent’. This reinforces the emotional link with Costumers, improves the Emotional Purchase Experience and strengthens Brand Values at a subconscious level. The end objective is to raise client’s loyalty to the Brand.

The same way, for instance, a shop of informal clothes can use a ‘breakthough’ smell, in line with their decoration, in order to attract the younger clients.

Singapore Airlines is using an exclusive scent in the areas where there is a direct contact with the client. This way this exotic fragrance can evoke memories of the good experiences related to this airline.

Since the sense of smell has such a great power upon consumers, Marketing professionals should include scents in their Marketing and Sales Strategies. All points where there is a physical contact with the client should be thoroughly reviewed from an olfactory perspective. Probably many opportunities will appear, such as raising sales by olfactory marketing or improving the Shopping experience with a Special Scented Atmosphere.

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