Scent Advertising at the Point of Purchase.

Saturday, 31 May, 2014

The current global Scent Marketing growth has already set off a new Scent Advertising revolution at the Point of Purchase.

While some of the most innovative Mass Market Brands are already using scents to raise consumer’s attention to their displays, many are still wondering how to properly apply Scents at the POP. The aim is to suitably and effectively deliver the ‘Scent message’ to consumers, at the right time and place for them to purchase.  This article discusses the most important criteria to take into account when applying Scent Advertising at the POP. They are the following:

  • Top Scent quality is an absolute must. A wrong quality of the scent can be very counterproductive. For example, if we are advertising an apple pie with a ‘chemical’ ‘apple-pie’-like scent, then the smell will be repulsive rather than attractive.
  • Only the right intensity is suitable. Too strong scents will be intrusive, and too weak will not be effective.
  • Manipulation by the Point of Sales Manager has to be very convenient: no batteries, quick and easy activation, and safe manipulation.  
  • Plugs are not available at the POP: Scent Diffusion systems have to be portable.
  • Only the Scent needs to be noticeable: the scent diffuser should be discreet.  Ideally, it should be integrated in the Point of Sale Display.
  • The system has to be easily accessible to the Point of Sales Manager but out of the reach of People.
  • Safety is also an important point: the system should not leak or spot surfaces, products, floor, or people.
  • A contemporary scent diffuser for the Point of Purchase ought to be biodegradable.
  • Considering the typical Point of Sales Advertising Campaigns in Mass Market, the Scent lasting should be 20 – 30 days.
  • Costs should be in line with the Point of Sale Display market.
  • Scent dispersion: depending on the Advertising objectives, the scent will require to be well perceived at 10, 50, 100 or 200 cm. Longer distances can be expensive and intrusive. Shorter distances have cheaper costs and provide a ‘scent tester’ result. Longer distances deliver an ‘advertising effect’, raising the attention of the by-passing consumers, and consequently their costs are higher, since more scent has to be delivered.
  • The Scent diffusion system should allow to control scent placement, in order to make sure that the scent is not also diffused in the competitor display.
  • An important element is also versatility of shapes and sizes. So that the same system, with different shapes or modules, can be applied to smaller and bigger displays.
  • Finally, the system should be suitable to all displays: shelf, table, top, bottom, disposable, permanent, and with different materials.

Open-Senses has developed, patented and launched a Scent Diffuser System specially designed for Scent Advertising at the Point of Purchase. Because at Open-Senses we are Experts in Scent Marketing and Advertising, and we have the best Scents and Diffusers for the Point of Purchase.

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