Open-Pills System

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Open-Pills System


Innovative Scent System patented by Open-Senses to diffuse scents at the Point of Purchase (POP).  



Convenient. It can be placed anywhere. It does not require batteries or plugs.

Storable. It allows storage up to 12 months at room temperature. It is activated by just pulling a flap. 

Discreet. Almost invisible in the shelf. It can be easily integrated in the product display.

Scent Design Services. Open-Senses provides technical assessment about intensity and quality of the Scent, as well as personalized Scent Design Service. 

Accesible: very easy manipulation and activation by the Point of Sales Manager.

Safe. It does not leak, spot or wet surfacer, floors or people.

Eco-friendly. Biodegradable.

Good diffusion. The scent is well perceived at 1 m distance or more.

Scent localization. The scent is not spread in all the supermarket and does not contaminate other goods on display. 

Intensity regulation according to the Open-Pill size. Too high intensity can be intrusive, whereas too low intensity is not effective.

Olfactory Quality. This diffusion system does not change the Scent Character, which is diffused passively to the air. Therefore, scent quality is very high.

Versatile: it allows any size and all rectangular shapes.

Suitable to the shelf: It allows introducing any type of scent to the Point of Purchase: food, drinks and fragrances. It can be easily fixed to the shelf.


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