Open-Puff System

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Open-Puff System


Innovative system designed by Open-Senses to scent shops and public facilities.


Excellent intensity, smell quality and diffusion.  Very good technical performance.

Available with a large variety of high quality scents.

Personalized Scent Design Services.

Constant Scent quality: the smell does not change like other systems (hot or passive diffusion).

Safe. Does not stain or wet surfaces, floor or people.

Technical support. Easy to program, intensity regulation and operation, with full online technical  support by Open-Senses.

Elegant and discreet, it can be easily integrated in the shop decoration.

Tuneable Diffuser Design. The standard unit is made with white lacquered wood. With a minimum order of 100 units, the outer box can be adapted to any colour, design, material and shape provided by the client. Materials can be any kind of wood, crystal, metal, plastic (PVC or Polipropylene) and even carton or fabric.

Portable. It can be placed anywhere in the shop. It Works with 3 AA standard batteries that can last up to 3 months. The fan-powered model requires a standard electrical plug.

High Smell Quality. Diffusion combines an automatic spray and a cold diffusion in an impregnated cellulose. It provides the smell intensity at each puff and also in a continuous basis. The fan further powers smell intensity.

Convenient and economical, for the diffusion of high quality scents provided by Open-Senses.

Accessible: shop staff can easily program and use it according to shop needs at any time. It does not require plumbing nor manipulation of air conditioning systems.

Optimal consumption: it can be programmed by days, hours, minutes and pulse intervals.

Intensity regulation: it can be easily adapted to shop size. 

Ecological: compatible with eco-friendly policies.

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