Scent Marketing

It is about creating an emotional link between Brand and Costumer through olfactory memory.

Consumers are exposed to specially designed olfactory stimuli.

The scientific principle behind Scent Marketing is the ‘Proust effect’: Olfactory memories are stored in the limbic system of the brain, the site of memory, emotions  and basic instincts (survival, sex, hunger, thirst...).

Thus, Scents can stimulate Vivid Memories and can remain for the whole life long.


  • Scent Design

    Scent Design


    At Open-Senses we take special care of Scent design and effective Scent diffusion system

  • Scent Brand Logo

    Scent Brand Logo

    A good Scent Brand Logo reinforces the emotional link with Clients, improves Purchasing Experience, Strengthens Brand Values and improves Subconscious Client Loyalty.

  • Scent Atmospheres

    Scent Atmospheres

    Premises where clients enter should manage correctly their olfactory atmospheres.

  • Scent Attraction to POS

    Scent Attraction to POS

    Scents can attract consumers to the Point Of Sales and increase purchasing.

  • Malodour Neutralisation

    Malodour Neutralisation

    Malodour neutralisation is a basic must to offer a good image to Costumers.

  • Olfactory Differentiation

    Olfactory Differentiation

    Products and Services that traditionally ‘do not have a scent’ can incorporate it in order to differentiate and bring a new added value.

  • Scented Events

    Scented Events

    Open-Senses Designs and Provides Scent Experiences for events, related to what it is to be Communicated.