We Design Scent Emotions

  • Scent Marketing and Advertising: Services and Solutions.
  • Consulting: Fragrances, Air Care, Sensory Research.



Our Clients

We serve all businesses to which Emotional Scent Comunication has a key competitive role, such as Fragrances, Air Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Cleaning, Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Food and Drinks.


Why Open-Senses?

Clients choose to work with us because we:

  • Maximize the Emotional Added Value of Scents.
  • Contribute to Concept Building. We boost, rather than kill, Client’s ideas.
  • Treat Sensory Perception and Fragrances with deep Knowledge and Sensitivity, with prominent experts.
  • Provide Unique Fragrance Consulting Services.  Fragrance Development & Concept integration to Communication Strategies.
  • Are Unrivalled Air Care Consultants.
  • Offer finest Scent Design Services. Senior, skilled, Scent Design Team. Scent Marketing.
  • Have an International vision. We operate in Europe and all over the world.
  • Work as Strategic, Trusted Partners of our Clients. We provide customized, superior flexible service to our clients.
  • Guarantee the quality of our Products and Services.

Can Scents actually raise sales?

Can Scents actually raise sales?

The Sense of Smell offers a strong way to create competitive advantage: it provides a unique brand experience, supports a distinctive brand identity, and enhances the emotional bond to ultimately raise sales.