Who we are

After more than 10 years managing fragrance development in R&D Sara Lee, Cristina Sala, Ambi-PurFragrance Designer founded Open-Senses in 2009.  

Today Open-Senses operates as a Multidisciplinary, International Team of Professionals with different and complementary specialities. We have experts in Sensory Evaluation, Perfumery, Fragrance Evaluation, Formulation, Air Fresheners, Market Research, Statistics, Industrial Design, Marketing, Strategy and Wines.  

We build working Teams with the specialists required by each project. All our collaborators sign confidentiality agreements if required by the Client.

  • Cristina Sala

    Cristina Sala

    For more than 10 years Cristina Sala has managed the development of fragrances for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) at Sara Lee: More than 200 perfumes for more than 20 different applications of Ambi-Pur.

    Cristina Sala’s signature as Ambi-Pur fragrance designer is on the packs of these products in countries all over the world.

    With a thesis on analytical chemistry and more than 12 scientific publications about wines in the best international scientific magazines, Dr. Cristina Sala is an expert on wine aroma analysis.

    Dedicated for 15 years to sensory evaluation, she has created and managed sensory laboratories and panels of experts and consumers for the wine and fragrance businesses.

    Doctor in Chemistry, Biologist specialized in Biochemistry with a Master degree in Nutrition and Food Technology, Executive Master of Business Administration.

    Her passions are fragrances, wines, gastronomy and anthropology.

    • Partnership with EOStream

      Partnership with EOStream

      Open-Senses is a partner of EOStream - Scent Solutions - and the exclusive distributor of their products in Spain.


      • Strategic Partners

        In order to offer more complete Services to our Clients, we work with several Strategic Partners, among them the following:

        • Partnership with the University

          Partnership with the University

          Partnership with the University

          Analytical Chemistry of food and wines. Department of analytical and organic chemistry. University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona).


          In collaboration with the University Open-Senses provides the following services:

          • · Gas Chromatography Analysis (GC) with all detectors (FID, ECD, NPD).
          • · Mass Spectrometry Analysis (GC- MSD).
          • · Combination of GC with olfactory detection (GC-GCO).
          • ·  Development and validation of new analytical methods.
          • ·  Method development and Quality Control by e-nose, e-tongue and e-eye.

          Open-Senses collaborates in the Research Project: 'Instrumental sensometry':

          Development of methodologies to correlate sensorial parameters with instrumental data by means of multivariate statistical analysis.

          Can Scents actually raise sales?

          Can Scents actually raise sales?

          The Sense of Smell offers a strong way to create competitive advantage: it provides a unique brand experience, supports a distinctive brand identity, and enhances the emotional bond to ultimately raise sales.