lunes 31 de enero, 2011

At Open-Senses we have already been running for more than one year. This article is about the activities we have done so far. We would like to thank our clients for their trust. We have enjoyed and learned a lot together with them and we are prepared to enjoy and learn more during the year that we are starting.

Our consulting services, particularly in fragrances and air care, have been the most requested by our clients. We have also managed successfully some fragrance development projects and have participated in strategic analysis.

Our clients are typically well-known multinational Companies, with Global presence, most of them with business related to fragrances in the market of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Among many other, during the last year we have performed the following activities:


•       Trends tracking Air Care in Asia

–      Store-checking, trends observation, analysis, discussion and possible application for fragrance and concept creation.

•       Trends tracking Cosmetic Fragrances Europe

–      Store-checking, trends analysis of fragrances, formats, innovation. Market trends. Application to fragrance strategies.


•       Olfactory mapping baby care fragrances

–      Store check, sample collection, classification and sensory evaluation. Preparation of olfactory mapping according to client’s system. Elaboration of the final presentation.


•       Fragrance concept building for range relaunch

–      Concept creation according to consumer needs. Consistency color-name-story-icon. Range consistency, targeting different consumer types.

•       Concept creation workshop for air care Global

–      Providing stimuli to help attendants to create new ideas for air care. Discussing global socio-cultural trends and fragrance perception at the Point Of Sales.


•       Strategic analysis Air Care global

–      Market data from Euromonitor International, Global trends Air Care, SWOT main players, Fragrance and innovation strategies. Application to strategic innovation program.


•       Project management fragrance development

–      Under time pressure: more than 20 fragrances to be ready in one month. Team leadership, technical advice on fragrance tailoring to reach superior performance in air care. Process and procedures.

•       Improving performance of fragrance development team

–      Leading and facilitating Team discussions, identifying main competencies, abilities and areas to be improved. Improving the value stream map.

•       Developing a Business plan for an air care project

–      Business potential, consumer research, marketing position, fragrance concepts, Unique Sales Proposition. Searching and identifying best suppliers. Elaboration of presentation


•       Technical assessment Air Care technologies

–      Store-checking, analysis of different technologies. Assessment on how to adapt innovative technologies into market needs. Selection of most promising technologies according to strategy.

•       Technical advice on facilities building for air care

–      Sensory laboratory design, challenging existing systems, bringing future market vision into technical design.


•       Presenting a new sensory experience with chocolate

•       Presenting an innovative fragrance for men grooming


During this year we have developed a series of partnership agreements with different partners with the end objective to be able to offer a more complete service to our clients. Our partners include market research agencies, several freelance consultants and the University of Tarragona. As a result of these partnerships we can now offer the following services to our clients:

-      Expert consulting on sensory marketing for food and beverages.

-      Sensory consumer tests all over the world: qualitative, quantitative and panel testing.

-      Analytical chemistry of foods, beverages, wines, fragrances, air-fresheners, cosmetics and home cleaners.

-      Professional project management specialized in FMCG.

-      Olfactory Marketing Consulting and implementation.

-      Technical assessment Air Care: Formulation and Technologies.

Our vision for the future is to capitalize in our specialty in fragrances and air care, develop our tools for consumer testing and further develop our activities in foods and beverages.

At Open-Senses we are passionate about sensory innovation. If you share this passion, you can contact our Business Development Manager at